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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Water Plays an Important Role in Our Life

            The role of water in our everyday life. Water role in our life because it is source of life. The trip of water is from lands to seas and in the seas, water is useful for animals sea. Firstly, people and their daily activities needs water. Water can make us be healthy and developed.
Secondly, plants and other living things needs water, too. Plant makes vegetables, fruit and other foods. If there is no plants, we cannot life. Plants needs water to make it and that all derived from water.
            Finally, weather and climate. The cause of weather is wind. Example of the weather is cloudy, sunny, and rainy. When in the rain, water that falls from the sky is a grace. Some examples of the climate is winter, summer, rainy season, dry season etc.
            In conclusion, water is very important. The wise man said "Do not waste water because water is a grace" 

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